Maison d’Art

  • Olivier Mosset (b. 1944)
February 25 – April 3, 2018

Olivier Mosset, features three works from 2008. Three star-shaped canvas works are covered with a polyurethane spray used to coat and protect pickup truck beds for endurability. Three stars—gold, silver and copper.

Presented in a space formed by three white walls, the materiality of the paintings are accentuated. Representation, motifs, subjectivity, perspective, content are all de-sublimated onto star-shaped objects. Mechanical textured-paint fills the surface of each object and consequently these art objects (painting) exist with its own reality. Autonomous with heterogenous context, the three paintings are repetitive objects existing in space.

In the 1960s, Mosset moved to Paris and started working for artist Jean Tinguely. There his association with artists Daniel Buren, Michel Parmentier and Niele Toroni, led to forming the minimalist art collective known as BMPT (Buren, Mosset, Parmentier, Toroni.) The group collaborated to criticize the topical avant-garde movement in France and challenged singularity in art by creating neutrality and autonomy in their works. They would create simple and most basic geometric repetitions in their paintings, overlap motifs and sign each others works to promote artistic practice that questioned art traditions. In the 70s, Mosset moved to New York and become a part of the Radical Painting Group, through which he continued his exploration of material object and the discourse of art history, speci cally that of painting’s. Over the past ve decades, Mosset has slowly moved between bodies of works composed of reduced painted forms. From his famous circle paintings to monochrome paintings to geometric abstraction and presently, to his industrial paintings, Mosset has explored the roots of painting and created a dialogue with art history.